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Have you tried to load the provided Artists?
Checking them out is a great way of getting to how Pattoo works and what it's capable of!
Here is ashort presentation of them:

RedRodney's favourite color is RED...
CarlColorite loves white and yellow, a powder puff shade and an occasional rainbow burst.
SmallyFields always paints very small things.
BigFielding only has one motif on his canvas.
Every time you let DeFrost generate a new pattern, he nudges the motif just a little, so it slowly evolves.
The same is true for MandyBrot.
The Bead that wouldn't Die is another developing story, if you click "Next" a number of times.

Play around with these Artist, go to the "Locks" view and see how the checkboxes are set, and experiment with changing their settings. It will give a good idea of how to make the most of Pattoo!

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